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  • Typewriter History
    Like most collectibles, value depends mainly on rarity, not just age. For example, one of the earliest serviceable typewriters, the Underwood, created from 1900 to 1932 was made in the millions and can still be found in working condition, consequently they are worth very little.
  • Typewriter of Choice
    Journalist Matthew Smeal explains why the Olivetti Lettera 32 is his typewriter of choice. You don't hear much about typewriters these days, but many serious writers are discovering or rediscovering the joys of writing on a typewriter. Many writers of course, never stopped using them and the reason is simple: your writing will benefit from it.
  • Restoring vintage typewriter
    Are you the ambitious type who is able to disassemble a vintage typewriter and reassemble it without going out of your mind? After looking at all of those foreign parts, would you become frustrated about what to do next? If so, itís probably time to call in a professional.
  • Rare Typewriters Roar With Collecting Appeal
    When you look at the designs of some earlier writing machines, many of them remind you of a sci-fi time machine. You were exceptionally skilled if you were able to get past suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome when typing on some of these vintage typewriters. Many of these writing dinosaurs are now becoming rare collectibles.
  • 7 Tips for Collecting Vintage Writing Machines
    Interested in collecting rare pieces of writing machine history? Although collecting vintage typewriters is not as popular as some other collections, there is increased interest for these writing apparatuses. Consider these tips before making your investment.
  • Selling Old Typewriters On eBay
    Typewriters are popular collectibles, especially very early models, and typewriters with past famous owners or a particularly interesting pedigree, which often fetch very high prices on eBay.

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